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Business cards?

I just ordered some business cards from vistaprint(dot)com and found out that if you have a small or home business and order their 250 free business cards, your business is automatically registered in a drawing to win money to go towards your small business.

Anyone who runs or works for a small business should check it out.
It's like 5.95 for shipping, but you get 250 free business cards and a chance to win money.

It could be a scam, but either way I'm getting some free business cards.

Check it out here.
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Attention: Austin

go to target. yell about how expensive stuff is. leave.

that is your homework assignment.

inspired by ghostofchance
if that's not friendship, I don't know what is...
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my new job

So yesterday, I borrow my friend Devon's car to go to a job interview at Career Consultants. I have an updated resume and I'm dressed nice and all that stuff that I worry about before any interview is already taken care of. I talk to Amy and show her my resume and she's all like, "We're going to have to check your references." So I'm like, "Okay..." And then at that precise moment the receptionist buzzes her phone and says, "Amy, we just lost our phones and internet." My references are then uncheckable until the phones are back up. Amy tells me, "I'll call you tomorrow after I check these and we'll schedule an orientation." Then, I leave.

Today, I wake up and have breakfast and at about 10:00 I call her. She tells me that she's waiting on my references still. So I call my old bosses and 1 by 1 find out that she hasn't called any of them yet. Should I feel as blown off as I do?

I know I'm qualified for the job. And my resume is nigh-flawless.
I even wore my good dress shoes.
I trimmed my nails and shaved.
I have a nice haircut.
EVERYTHING was perfect yesterday.
I'm going to call her back and call her bluff.
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so i've been known to manipulate... I'm still a good guy.
Excellent, you're a Slytherin! Clever and sly, you do things out of self-interest, forming social connections that will help you gain power. Highly ambitious, you are good at manipulating situations and people to your advantage. Your house is known for having students with pure heritage and calculating minds. Snakes for the House Cup!
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I got sorted. oh yeah... and drunk.

... Cool, you're a Gryffindor! Brave, noble, and chivalrous, you stick up for your friends and morals. Full of heart, youd rather die than be dishonored. You are generally outgoing, popular, and optimistic. Your house usually has an excellent Quidditch team and often wins the House Cup. Famous Gryffindors are Godric Gryffindor, Albus Dumbledore, and Harry Potter. You rock!
there were some questions that I could'nt answer cuz the test us multiple choice and it was hard to choose between two or three answers... so I'm going to post the results for my other quiz next.
it says I'm a...
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people suck

there's really no point in ranting because I know that only about 4 people are going to read this but, i'm going to anyway.

to start off, i'll say, I recently quit doing coke (a.k.a. yayo, white bitch, cane, that girl, etc...). anyway, my roomate and most of my neighbors are fucking hooked. i've tried helping my roomate quit, and one of my neighbors who also quit when I did (11 days ago) relapsed and got my roomate on it again. I can pay my part of the rent for this month but now since my roomate has no job and an expensive habit, he can't. what am I supposed to do? I might be able to cover his share but if I do that then this will happen again in a month and i'm not paying for him twice. how do you make a coke addict quit? I tried an intervention but it doesn't seem to work when the sober person is outnumbered by addicts. typing with my phone is hard and I don't have a computer so this post is done.
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morning haiku

I can tell today
will be a better day than
the days that have passed

question: what are the other syllabic schemes for haiku besides 5-7-5?
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